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Dennison Road Move-Out Checklist

Step 1: Review All Move-Out Communications


All residents must be moved out of the building along with having any applicable bedroom, mailbox, and apartment keys returned to office no later than 5:00pm.

Please review the below Move-Out communications to be best prepared for your lease end date.

Move-Out Communication One – Coming Soon!

Move-Out Communication Two – Coming Soon!

Move-Out Communication Three – Coming Soon!

Step 2: Complete Your Security Deposit Return Form

Provide us with the mailing address you would like your Security Deposit Return sent to.

Please complete the form located at the bottom of this page. Click the menu tab above “Security Deposit Return Form”, or scroll down to access this form.

Step 3: Review Our Cleaning Guide

Residents are required to return their unit in the same, clean condition it was received. Any further cleaning, repairs, and replacements will incur additional deductions from your security deposit. Our Cleaning Guide is included for your reference. Residents should clean according to the instructions provided to avoid additional charges against the security deposit.

DUMPSTERS: Arriving around May 10th, an additional dumpster will be placed in the parking lot area at Dennison Road. Please break down bulky trash and place it as neatly as possible into this larger dumpster.

PLANET AID: Any sheets, blankets, clothes, or shoes can be placed in trash bags and put in the yellow Planet Aid dumpsters located in parking lot at Davis Court and Dennison Road. Please do not put regular trash in this dumpster. If you have any questions about what can be thrown in the Planet Aid dumpster, please call Planet Aid directly at (603) 594-4175.

Once ALL residents and belongings are vacated, each unit will be inspected by a member of our Madbury Properties staff. Units will be assessed to determine maintenance and cleaning needs in order to prepare the room for incoming residents. Staff will determine what, if any, charges will be applied to resident accounts. A standard list of Charges for Repair or Replacement of items that will be used in calculating security deposit refunds is attached for your reference.

Step 4: Moving Out Your Belongings

All leases end on May 20, 2024. Residents and their belongings need to be out of the units and keys returned no later than 5:00 PM on this day.

If your entire unit has chosen to extend your leases and remain in your current apartment for 2024-2025, you will not be required to move out of your unit in between lease terms.

Any single residents renewing in the same unit without majority of roommates also renewing or any current residents switching apartments within Dennison Road are required to vacate in between lease periods for the unit to be cleaned and prepared.

Due to the volume of requests, we are NOT able to offer any storage options. No exceptions can be made to this policy.

Step 5: Returning Your Keys

An envelope for key returns will be delivered to each resident with their name, apartment number, and bedroom letter. The key return envelope will be included in the move-out packet which will be delivered to each apartment.

Please put ALL keys provided to you when you moved into your apartment inside your envelope and return them to our Madbury Properties Leasing Office located on the ground floor of our Madbury Commons South building.

Keys will NOT be accepted past the lease expiration date and fees will be assessed for replacement.

Step 6: We'll Miss You!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors in the class of 2024 and thank you to ALL of our residents for a great 2023-2024 school year!

Complete our Resident Experience Survey to help us know what you liked best about your stay at Dennison Road, and what areas we can improve on.

We hope you had a great experience living with us. Let us know how we did by leaving a Google Review today!

Security Deposit Return Form

Please provide us with your updated mailing address by completing the form on Madbury Commons website.

Security Deposit Dispute Form

If you incurred a charge on your security deposit that you would like dispute, please complete the Security Deposit Dispute form located on Madbury Commons website.

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